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We create beautiful Pure Silk Cushion, Khadi Cushion, Home Furnishing Cushion, Hemp with Embroidery Cushion, Black Cactus Leather With Embroidery Cushion, etc.  that are made from eco-friendly material & techniques. 

About Us

In the beginning, God created the earth. He decorated it with rivers, oceans, trees, flowers and all living creatures. It was beautiful. Then He created mankind as His finest creation and gave the responsibility to take care of it. But as time went by, mankind became selfish and started forgetting about the work and responsibilities the Master Craftsman God assigned and started to do everything to our own convenience. This has caused much hurt to Mother Earth and all that belongs to Her. Our company, which is founded by Sakshi Nath and Aman Nath aims at giving back to Mother Earth her beauty, love and affection that she has given to us and nurtured us to be Her children. Our company works as a manufacturer, exporter, retailer & wholesaler and presents to you a wide range of home decor products such as Home Furnishing Cushion, Eri Ghicha Silk Cushion, Hemp with Embroidery Cushion, Pure Silk Cushion, Khadi Cushion, Black Cactus Leather With Embroidery Cushion, etc. 

We make use of quality materials and methods to manufacture everything with the clear intention to cause no harm to the planet. We believe in creating a sustainable and ecofriendly lifestyle by using a variety of sustainable fabrics, natural dyes and Vegan leathers. This not only makes us a non polluting and environment friendly enterprise but also encourages the livelihood of farmers, agriculture and recycling industries, who are also taking steps towards ensuring a beautiful and clean planet. We take pride in providing our customers with responsibly and carefully made sustainable products.

Infrastructure Facility 

We have a modernized infrastructure, where abiding eco-friendly techniques we develop several types of cushion covers & many other home furnishing products. The unit is well integrated with several facilities for proper flow of tasks from pre-production to the end delivery. In our manufacturing premises, we make use of modern tools and machines for speedily making cushion covers of several types. After this, our range is examined with perfection at our quality checking division. We have many other divisions in the set up for different trade works, like warehousing unit to store products, packaging unit to pack assortment, accounting unit to maintain accounts books, etc.

Quality Control

We believe in the up-front control of the process and consistently meeting the requirements of customers as per the expectations. All our products are designed with the best quality fabrics, methods, and designs as per industry set norms. We follow the market trends which helps us in manufacturing and bringing out Pure Silk Cushion, Hemp with Embroidery Cushion, Khadi Cushion, Black Cactus Leather With Embroidery Cushion, etc. of latest designs. We continue to improvise our range of products by bringing constant changes and improvements. Some other things we do to control quality of our array are:

  • Careful selection and evaluation of raw material
  • Examination of products at different stages of development
  • Evaluation of feedback given by customers

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